Bartholomew Takanaka

Goldenboy Warden of New York


Goldenboy Warden of New York
When All Else Fails- Firaga
WWDD (What Would Dresden Do?)
Come on, everyone likes me!
They were in my head!

Discipline 5
Conviction 4, Weapons 4
Lore 3, Investigation 3, Guns 3
Athletics 2, Alertness 2, Presence 2, Rapport 2
Deceit 1, Resources 1, Empathy 1, Endurance 1, Contacts 1

Wizard’s Constitution
The Sight
Soul Gaze
Evocation (Air, Fire, Spirit) [Fire Power 1]
Thaumaturgy (Crafting) [Focus Item]
Refinement (Air Power 1, Spirit Power 1)
Refinement (Air Power 2, Air Control 1)

Rote Spells:
Leiptr- Lighting strike via air magic
Strength: 6 Control: 6

Skjoldr- Shield via air magic
Requires Great-Grandfather’s Pocket Watch
Strength: 7 Block- may lower power to increase duration

Dundl- Air Maneuver Spell
Summons a whirlwind of air to knock things prone or flying.
Strength: 6 Control: 6
May adjust range and duration by reducing power.

Focus Items:
Dresden Bracelet (1 Fire power; Offensive)
Great-Grandfather’s Pocket Watch (
1 Air Power & Control; Defensive)
Father’s Second Best Cane (+1 Spirit Power; Offensive)

Enchanted Items:
Warden’s Cloak- Armor: 2 twice per session
Warden’s Sword- Weapon: 3; Three times per session may be used as a Fantastic (+6) dispel on a spell it can physically touch OR for a Weapon: 6 strike.

Mundane Equipment:
Classic Studebaker
1911 Colt .45
Battered leather messenger bag
Messenger’s tube


Bartholomew Takanaka

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