The Frith Files

Bartholomew Arrives

Bartholomew's Journal


Writing to report my initial impressions on the town of Frith. This place is downright <u>strange</u>.

I arrived on what the locals call "Market Day" which seemed to be a fairly traditional Farmer's Market at first, however signs pointed to the weird before I even made it to the town square. I saw at least one fae (type unknown, appearance human, displayed remarkable agility and acrobatics) and if the hair colors were natural at least two changelings but I suspect there were more. They all arrived in vans from a local foster program and seemed to be under the direction of a Mr. Church (medical examiner, tall, familiar with at least some of the supernatural) who was able to banish the fae by, and I quote, "Asking him nicely to go away and thanking him for his service."

While touring the market, I was followed by a drone (one of those flying remote controlled vehicles) however, once I realized it was keeping me under surveillance -some of them have cameras-  I attempted to hex the thing and instead of crashing to the ground trailing smoke, some crystals imbedded in the thing flashed and it flew off. Hex proof high technology- perhaps the most interesting thing I have found here so far. Shortly after I was confronted by several police officers that appeared to come straight out of a Dick Tracy comic book, I'm not sure what is going on with them but I met their Lieutenant the next day and he has a small talent while the entire police station is a study in contrasts. Low tech 1930's era rotary phones and typewriters on one side, high tech digital devices and computers on the other. Oh, and there's no elevator in the station and the put a full FBI team up there- so be careful about Federal Laws if you're in town, the have direct representation here. 

Met with Church and an FBI agent that accompanied him for dinner at a pub that is full of the lesser talents and those from the NeverNever that frequent our world. It seemed like a Frith based MacNally's pub, however, open to those without Talent. This is where Church displayed the fact that he knows about the supernatural, and I was able to identify the FBI agent (a former Army enlistee as a shapeshifter of the cat variety) he also gave me the name of the girl that constructed the drone, Ms. Bright. Church also gave me an introduction to Lieutenant Conners of the "Specials" the group that look like Dick Tracy copies and he called the Fossils. In the meeting the following day, Conners indicated that a recent Fomor incursion was run out of town by local police after the murdered a number of drug dealers and attempted to raid the Halfway House who's vans delivered all the changeling children for Market Day.

That's all for now, current projects: Obtain more permanent living quarters that I can ward properly and not get kicked out of if a potion goes wrong.

Will report in again as soon as I find out more.


-Warden Takanaka



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